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For those of you that found your way to this site through links from the PBS:Trade Secrets pages, I would like to introduce you to another type of "trade secrets".   Fragrances formulas are considered "trade secrets". This means that the fragrance industry does not have to reveal to you or anyone else the materials in the fragrance part of a product.

They do not have to inform you that these products contain phthalates such as diethyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate which are suspected of being hormone disrupters. The recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) report on chemicals found there was high exposure to these two materials in women of child bearing ages.

They do not have to inform you of synthetic musk compounds which are present in your blood, fat tissue, and breast milk if you are a nursing mother. They do not inform you that these materials are found in waterways and aquatic wildlife at levels as high or higher than pesticides.

Please support efforts for enforcement of existing labeling laws. Let the FDA know that you want the required warning label to appear on products whose safety has not been substantiated. Support FDA  petition #99P-1340. For more on the petition and to view analysis of Eternity by Calvin Klein, the perfume the petition is based on visit:

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Or the Environmental Health Network of California site:

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Fragrance sensitivity is far from an isolated event. Perfumes and fragrances are known triggers for asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies, migraine headaches, and an array of symptoms for those that suffer from chemical sensitivities. When you consider these populations combined, the impact on health and the economy are significant.

The Fragranced Products Information Network is a grass roots effort to educate on the chemicals used and the health effects of fragranced products. This is a no frill site with emphasis on information.

In our society we are constantly exposed to fragranced products. Very little information is readily available as to what is in the fragrance portion of a product. As a general rule disclosure of the ingredients in the fragrance portion of a product is not required as it is considered proprietary or a "trade secret". For those that have adverse effects to the fragrance portion of a product it is often very difficult to obtain information.

This site attempts to compile available information in an easily accessible site. Information from a variety of sources is available. There is information from industry, government, medical, and activists sources. Providing information from a variety of sources allows the reader to have a overall view of the fragrance issue and where to turn to for information.

This site is financed, owned and maintained by Betty Bridges, RN

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